Imaging you have a method to see the hidden geometry of sound. Did you ever ask yourself what the result would be?

The pictures of this website are the result of a water surface that is brougt into vibration by a certain frequency. The result of this vibrating water surface is an interference pattern of wavelets which shows the hidden geometry of sound. Interference is the common functioning of several frequencies on the same time and place. Because the wavelets are reflected against an outside partition to the middle, the wavelets reinforce each other at certain places whereas at other places the wavelets raise each other. The result is an interference pattern of wavelets.

On the next photograph the water surface was vibrating at a frequency of 12 Hertz a second. A light above the water surface is reflected by the waves, the tides absorbe the light which is seen as black at the picture.

Quantum physics tells us that the world around us exists out of frequencies, vibrations. Antiquity already was beware of this knowledge:

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God'.
- Holy Bible

Nada Brahma (Sanskrit): Nada means sound and Brahma is a Hindu name of God. Therefore Nada Brahma means that the Sound is God, or 'The Sound of God'.
- Ancient Sanskrit text

The world around us exists from sound. The geometry of sound, caught as a water sound image and as a picture visible...

Robert of the family Boerman
Freeman on the land / Visionair / Author / Researcher / Photographer / Inventor / Artist


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